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Gallery Angela Käufer
Gallery Angela Käufer

Is the special kind of art advice in Mallorca that creates a symbiosis between your art collection and your home.

Your collected works will be perfectly combined with your individual interior.

At your request, existing items can be complemented with beautiful and inspiring artworks and made into a new exciting whole.

So your home will be personal and unique.


The mind behind the brand.

She founded ART ADVISORY Palma after years in the daily dealing with paintings, sculptures and interior design of international artists and working for art collectors during her profession of Mallorca's renowned galleries.

More than 20 years ago, she fell in love with the special light of the island and the charisma of its inhabitants.

Firmly rooted in Palma, the city of incomparable history and most of Spain's art galleries, her heart and passion for art and interior design have been part of her for years.

Contact by phone: +34 628890715

Art Advisory Palma

Offers independent and professional advice on integrating your art into your home.

Advises on the perfect hanging or position of your artwork.

Helps you connect with interesting artists and select new works that can complement your collection.

Be (sm)art and make your home personal.

I am pleased to work for you.